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Sep 07, 2018


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Using Your Poker Knowledge In Blackjack Games

Those mathematical foundations are a good basis for understanding blackjack , which is much more math intensive. In blackjack it is obviously important to be able to add quickly and to know card values but more importantly, the blackjack player needs a full understanding of probability. In blackjack, every event in the game is dependent on the preceding event, and to keep track of the best move to make next requires the player to be able to calculate and recalculate probabilities quickly. For example, if you draw a ten of hearts in single deck blackjack, you know that the card cannot come up against and that the other cards that are yet to be drawn have a slightly increased probability of coming up next. The probability calculation skills you learn while playing poker are invaluable when it comes to this aspect of blackjack. When playing both poker and blackjack you can come under a lot of pressure, particularly when there are high takes involved.

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